Adding second hard drive to HyperV virtual machine

How to Attach virtual hard disk to existing HyperV virtual machine? This step by step instruction will guide you to add virtual hard disk to your HyperV virtual machine. Situations: My virtual SharePoint 2010 installation is running out of space and need to add additional drive so that I could move SQL data out ofContinue reading “Adding second hard drive to HyperV virtual machine”

CRC failed in 2010-7b\Virtual Hard Disk\2010-7b.vhd

I am in the process of setting up SharePoint 2010 for testing purpose and I download the 2010 Information Worker Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Machine (RTM) from   When try to extract the files I got “CRC failed in 2010-7b\Virtual Hard Disk\2010-7b.vhd” , I try to download the files again and again but stillContinue reading “CRC failed in 2010-7b\Virtual Hard Disk\2010-7b.vhd”

Setting Up a SharePoint Developer Virtual Machine

It’s easy to get started with SharePoint 2010 development using the Information Worker Virtual Machine (VM). In this episode, you will learn all of the tips and tricks to get the VM up and running. The Information Worker virtual machine is a Hyper-V based VHD file that has everything you need to build SharePoint solutionsContinue reading “Setting Up a SharePoint Developer Virtual Machine”