SharePoint 2013 Search Architecture

Source: Several things have changed in SharePoint 2013 Search. As you might already be aware, we merged and built upon the core SharePoint 2010 Search product and Fast Search for SharePoint 2010 into a single product\engine simply called SharePoint 2013 search. This is the first of a series of Search 2013 Architecture blogs. So muchContinue reading “SharePoint 2013 Search Architecture”

How to: Create a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory

Source: Written by Ari Bakker A people directory can be useful if you want to list all the people in an organisation without users having to enter a search query. Users can then narrow down the list using filters such as Department or Job Title to narrow the results. This is really easy to setContinue reading “How to: Create a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory”

SharePoint 2013 User Profile Sync for Claims Users

SharePoint 2013 User Profile Sync for Claims Users I have been working with claims authentication quite a bit lately, and something that can be frustrating when using claims authentication for Forms Based Authentication (FBA) or SAML claims is that when you log in you see the claims identifier instead of the user’s name.  As anContinue reading “SharePoint 2013 User Profile Sync for Claims Users”