How to change the Maximum File Upload Size in SharePoint 2010

Default maximum file upload size in SharePoint 2010 is 50MB. How do I increase the file size to 100MB in SharePoint 2010? Here is the step by step instruction to change maximum upload file size in SharePoint 2010 1. Go to Central Administration and click on Manage Web Application 2. Click on your SharePoint 2010Continue reading “How to change the Maximum File Upload Size in SharePoint 2010”

Maximum file upload size in Moodle

In Moodle 2.X, by default maximum upload file size is 2MB. How do you increase the max upload size for Moodle? The solution which you see here apply to you if your Moodle is running in a Shared Hosting.  Right now my Moodle site is hosted at and using cPanel. 1. Use your FTPContinue reading “Maximum file upload size in Moodle”