50 Noteworthy New Open Source Projects

Open source projects for privacy, mobility, big data and the Internet of Things are key themes on this year’s list. Source:http://www.datamation.com/open-source/50-noteworthy-new-open-source-projects-1.html Blogging 1. Ghost Cloud Management ManageIQ Roboconf Containerization Docker Content Management Fraym Okatea Yellow Database Apache Drill Hustle InfluxDB Realm WebScaleSQL See more: http://www.datamation.com/open-source/50-noteworthy-new-open-source-projects-1.html

The Field Guide to Data Science

Understanding the DNS of Data Science Data Science is the competitive advantage of the future for organizations interested in turning their data into a product through analytics. Industries from health, to national security, to finance, to energy can be improved by creating better data analytics through Data Science. Download the full book  

Big Data Tools for Developers and Data Analyst

Big Data Tools for Data Developers and Data Analyst Source: http://blog.profitbricks.com/top-45-big-data-tools-for-developers/   1. Splice Machine @SpliceMachine A real-time SQL-on-Hadoop database, Splice Machine takes Big Data beyond analytics with the ability to derive real-time, actionable insights for rapid decision-making. Not only can Splice Machine process real-time updates, but it offers the ability to utilize standard SQL and is capableContinue reading “Big Data Tools for Developers and Data Analyst”