Import error on demo SharePoint 2010 VHD

I was trying to import SharePoint 2010 VHD file to my HyperV following the instruction from but it failed.   This is what I did 1. Clicked on Import Virtual Machine   2.  Selected “ Copy the virtual machine (Create a new unique ID) and browse to the location where I had the fileContinue reading “Import error on demo SharePoint 2010 VHD”

CRC failed in 2010-7b\Virtual Hard Disk\2010-7b.vhd

I am in the process of setting up SharePoint 2010 for testing purpose and I download the 2010 Information Worker Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Machine (RTM) from   When try to extract the files I got “CRC failed in 2010-7b\Virtual Hard Disk\2010-7b.vhd” , I try to download the files again and again but stillContinue reading “CRC failed in 2010-7b\Virtual Hard Disk\2010-7b.vhd”

Hypervisor Features in Red Hat, VMware, HyperV and VMWare Virtual Infrastucture

This document details the features and benefits of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers product in comparison with VMware® vSphere® 4 (currently shipping as of the date of publication), Microsoft® Hyper-V® 2008 R2 (expected to ship in the second half of 2009), and VMware Virtual Infrastructure® 3.5 (widely deployed in existing virtualized environments). ThisContinue reading “Hypervisor Features in Red Hat, VMware, HyperV and VMWare Virtual Infrastucture”

Internet from hyper-V Machine and External networking in Virtual Machine‎

My current environment is this but having problem getting internet access to SharePoint Front End and Back End servers. Since I am using blade server, it’s only have one NIC   This is what I have to do to get internet connect to each Virtual Machine 1.  Open Virtual Network Manager   2. Add aContinue reading “Internet from hyper-V Machine and External networking in Virtual Machine‎”

Setting Up a SharePoint Developer Virtual Machine

It’s easy to get started with SharePoint 2010 development using the Information Worker Virtual Machine (VM). In this episode, you will learn all of the tips and tricks to get the VM up and running. The Information Worker virtual machine is a Hyper-V based VHD file that has everything you need to build SharePoint solutionsContinue reading “Setting Up a SharePoint Developer Virtual Machine”