Build Automation Gradle Interview Questions

What does the command ./gradlew do when it is run from within a Gradle project’s directory? – It runs the Gradle Wrapper. What does a smoke test do? – Tests large-scale, basic things like whether or not the application runs. What can you use to take advantage of pre-built Gradle tasks created by the GradleContinue reading “Build Automation Gradle Interview Questions”

Terraform Interview Questions

You are testing out a new environment and need to ensure you are using the right syntax to reference resources. What are two commands that can help you discover and test the correct interpolation syntax? – terraform console – terraform show How would name a Docker image resource for reference later? – resources “docker_image” HowContinue reading “Terraform Interview Questions”

Monitoring in Kubernetes with Prometheus and Grafana

My team is building the new severless web application. They currently have it running on a Kubernetes cluster, but they need to monitor the performance of the cluster and the applications running on it. My task is to install and setup up Prometheus to aggregate data and Grafana to display this data. Both can beContinue reading “Monitoring in Kubernetes with Prometheus and Grafana”