SharePoint Server 2013 Disaster Recovery in Windows Azure

The disaster recovery environment for an on-premises SharePoint 2013 farm can be hosted in Windows Azure. Windows Azure IaaS provides a secondary datacenter. Pay only for the resources you use. Small recovery farms can be scaled out after a disaster to meet scale and capacity targets.   The recovery farm in Windows Azure is configuredContinue reading “SharePoint Server 2013 Disaster Recovery in Windows Azure”

Success with Hybrid Cloud: Getting deep – Azure Active Directory

With more than 95% of Fortune 1000 organizations using Windows Server Active Directory on-prem, the industry would likely prefer not to reinvent the wheel or recreate all of their identities. The good news is that they don’t have to becausethis is exactly what AAD provides in a secure and comprehensive way. AAD combines directory services, advanced identityContinue reading “Success with Hybrid Cloud: Getting deep – Azure Active Directory”

SharePoint 2013 on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

With the Virtual Machine and Virtual Networking services of Windows Azure, it is now possible to deploy and operate a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Server farm on Windows Azure. This document discusses the key considerations, architecture and operations required to do this successfully. This document assumes a basic working knowledge of SharePoint Server 2013 and familiarityContinue reading “SharePoint 2013 on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services”