docker pull

How to download docker images and access the images
In this case, I am pulling Centos6 Image from Docker and accessing it using docker run -it centos:6 /bin/bash and updating my image

[cloud_user@aryan1c ~]$ docker pull centos:6
Trying to pull repository …
6: Pulling from
ff50d722b382: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:dec8f471302de43f4cfcf82f56d99a5227b5ea1aa6d02fa56344986e1f4610e7
Status: Downloaded newer image for
[cloud_user@aryan1c ~]$ docker images
REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE 6 d0957ffdf8a2 2 months ago 194 MB

[cloud_user@aryan1c ~]$ docker run -it centos:6 /bin/bash
[root@65d264fc1d7e /]# ls
bin dev etc home lib lib64 lost+found media mnt opt proc root run sbin selinux srv sys tmp usr var
[root@65d264fc1d7e /]# yum update

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