Jenkins Continuous Delivery (CD) questions and answers

1.Which of the following are things that could be a Jenkins Pipeline stage? (Choose all that apply)

A. Building the code. (Correct)
B. Testing the code. (Correct)
C. Executing a command (wrong)
D. Deploying to Production (Correct)

2.What are the basic building blocks of a Jenkins pipeline?

A. Stages and playbooks
B. Stages and commands
C. Stages and steps (Correct)
D. Declarative and scripted
3.Which of the following are styles of syntax allowed in a Jenkins file? (Choose all that apply)

A. Scripted (Correct)
B. Declarative (Correct)
C. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
D. Bash

4.What is Jenkins Pipelines?

A. A code review process
B. A set of Jenkins plugins that support CD (Correct)
C. A quick way to install a Jenkins server
D. A way to send code back and forth between developers
5.What is a Jenkins file?

A. The configuration file for a Jenkins freestyle project
B. The file that contains the code defining a Jenkins pipeline (Correct)
C. The binary that is used to install Jenkins
D. A file that is downloaded from the Jenkins server

6.What can you do in a Jenkins pipeline to pause execution and wait for user feedback?

A. Implement an empty stage in the pipeline.
B. Set a trigger in Jenkins to pause the deployment.
C. Use an input step to pause the pipeline until a user clicks either abort or proceed. (Correct)
D. Cancel the build in Jenkins.

7.Which of the following are things that could be a Jenkins Pipeline step? (Choose all that apply)

A. Copy files to a server. (Correct)
B. Execute a command. (Correct)
C. Wait for human input. (Correct)
D. Deploy to production.
8.What does the Publish Over SSH Jenkins plugin do?

A. It notifies other servers of a build status using ssh.
B. It downloads files from other servers.
C. It allows you to copy files to another server using ssh. (Correct)
D. It allows you to execute Jenkins builds over ssh.

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