Ethereum (ETH) – Much awaited U.S news a test of investor resilience: Are you a weak or a strong hand?

Ethereum (ETH) is at a historic moment, one that could change its future trajectory for good. Currently, U.S regulators are holding a meeting, to decide on whether Ethereum is a security or not. The whole issue relates to the Ethereum ICO in 2014. According to U.S regulators, people who bought into Ethereum at the time did so with an expectation of profit. They also argue that the Ethereum foundation has a tremendous influence over the value of Ethereum, a scenario that would make Ethereum an unregistered security.

In the case that they declare Ethereum to be a security, the value of Ethereum could drop significantly.  That’s because Ethereum would end up engaged in protracted legal battles with U.S authorities. On top of that, there would be an increased uncertainty amongst investors on the future of Ethereum, leading to a sell off.
However, in the case that they decide that Ethereum is not a security, then it would be a real turning point for Ethereum.

Ethereum ETH

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