Amazon launches templates for Hyperledger and Ethereum

Amazon has entered the emerging Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) sector with its blockchain templates for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric for Amazon Web Services (AWS). This follows suit of tech giants IBM and Oracle who have launched their own Hyperledger blockchain services.

Blockchain as a service (Baas)

Although there is a need and desire for many companies to trial their own blockchain networks they are extremely complex to implement and so ‘template’ solutions are offered to expedite and simplify the process much in the same way as software-as-a-service companies (Saas) like website builder Wix have done for web design.

AWS, which provides cloud-based data storage and hosting services, will allow clients to build a private blockchain through AWS CouldFormation. If you create an Ethereum network it will have two clients and one miner running it and you there are some prerequisites before creating it: you will need an AWS account, create an IAM user and create a Pair KeyYou will also have to be familiar with AWS virtual private cloud (VPC) setups.


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