The Demand For Blockchain Engineers Is Skyrocketing, But Blockchain Itself Is Redefining How They’re Employed

If you want to keep up on blockchain, you will need to ensure your technical skills are polished. The simplest way? Go work directly with a project that you find exciting. Projects are now directly funding those who have an interest in blockchain programming because there is a severe skill shortage in this space. From beginners to experts. Even though the average salary of a blockchain engineer in Silicon Valley is $158,000, programmers who have experience in Solidity (language for creating smart contracts) is in short supply and high demand.

The Web 1.0 and 2.0 era had the most promising startups hiring fresh computer science graduates from the top engineering schools. UC Berkeley, Stanford and MIT CS grads were in high demand, and difficult to recruit. In the last few years, startups were hiring like crazy from coding schools and bootcamps. There’s a seemingly never-ending desire to learn to code. In Hong Kong, founders like Chris Choi of Scribe Intelligence came from finance and Jonah Lau of Clickful came from law. They both devoted their lives to coding schools, started their own startups, and went on to raise funding.

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