Scam Alert: Beware Twitter Accounts Impersonating Cryptocurrency Firms and Figures

In an effort to steal innocent people’s money, scammers have begun to use various Twitter accounts that impersonate major firms and figures within the cryptocurrency world.

On January 30th, for example, a response was posted to a Tweet by Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin whose verified Twitter handle is @SatoshiLite and who lists his name as “Charlie Lee [LTC]”, by someone using the same name and the nearly-identical handle, @SatoshiLitev (of course, this handle is not verified). The response solicited donations – and contained a promise that Lee would repay people ten times the amount that they donated:

“I am donating 240 Litecoin to the LTC community. First 60 transactions with 0.4 LTC sent to the address below will each receive 4 LTC to the address the 0.4 LTC came from LdJsGa9NLzL7QkkLzEkMsn94UodEfZKLUz Claim your LTC now!”


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