Silicon Valley’s Bitcoin Apps Are Now About Price Speculation, Not Cheaper Payments..

When Bitcoin first captivated the minds of tech executives back in 2013, it was mainly seen as a new way to make fast, cheap payments online. Roughly five years later, the number of big brands accepting Bitcoin is falling, not growing.

Having said that, interest in Bitcoin hit an all-time high in December, according to Google Trends. Instead of making payments, people are now interested in trading or hodling Bitcoin and other cryptoassets.

Recently, it’s become clear that the popular bitcoin apps are going to be the ones that focus on speculating on cryptoassets rather than making payments with cryptocurrencies — at least for the foreseeable future.

#blockchain#bitcoin#ethereum2018-01-29 23_41_18-Silicon Valley's Bitcoin Apps Are Now About Price Speculation, Not Cheaper Payme


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