1) You’ve been tasked with designing an AWS architecture that supports a custom developed application. This custom developed application has a business requirement of being able to immediately upload an object to S3 and then immediately download or view the object. Which region would you choose to not build your bucket in and why?

Answer: North virginia (us standard)

2) AWS S3 can handle unlimited file storage.
Answer: True

3) As a solutions architect, it is your job to design for high availability and fault tolerance. Your company is utilizing Amazon S3 to store large amounts of file data. What steps would you take to ensure that if an availability zone was lost due to a natural disaster your files would still be in tact and accessible?

Amazon S3 is highly available and fault tolerant by design and requires no additional configuration

4) You’ve enabled website hosting on a bucket named “aryan-big-bucket” in the region ap-southeast-2. What website URL is assigned to your bucket?


5) You’re uploading an object larger than 5GB in size so it is required to use the multipart upload API. After configuring the API to upload the object, what is the maximum size of an object you can upload?
Answer: 5TB

6) What is the minimum size of an object that can be uploaded to Amazon S3?
Answer :0Bytes

7) Bucket names must be unique across all S3
Answer: True

8) Data transferred to amazon EC2 from Amazon S3 in the same region does not cost.
Answer: True

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