IAM Best Pratices in AWS

IAM Best Pratices in AWS

IAM Management Console

– Lock away your AWS account root access key

Delete your AWS root account access keys, because they provide unrestricted access to your AWS resources. Instead, use IAM user access keys or temporary security credentials

– Activate MFA on your root account

Activate multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your AWS root account to add another layer of protection to help keep your account secure
– Create individual IAM users

Create IAM users and give them only the permissions they need. Do not use your AWS root account for day-to-day interaction with AWS, because the root account provides unrestricted access to your AWS resources

– Use groups to assign permissions

Use IAM groups to assign permissions to your IAM users to simplify managing and auditing permissions in your account.

– Apply an IAM password policy

Use a password policy to require your IAM users to create strong passwords and to rotate their passwords regularly

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