AWS Certified Solutions Archietect Questions – 2

11) Which of the following are key-value storage services on AWS?
Answer: Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3

12) Which AWS service should be used for data that is not frequently accessed?
Answer: Amazon Glacier

13) EBS volumes are network attached volumes.
Answer: True

14) You’ve been tasked to develop a durable backup solution using AWS resources. Which AWS resource would you use for backups on your file storage and why?

Amazon S3 because it has eleven nines durability., Amazon S3 because it has the ability to enable versioning.
15) Your company has non-production and non-priority batch work loads that can be interrupted and need EC2 instances for processing. Which instance pricing model might be the best for this work load?

Answer:Spot Instances
16) Which of the following databases are supported on Amazon RDS?
Answer: MySQL, Aurora, MSSQL
17) Which of the following databases are support on Amazon RDS?
Answer: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MariaDB

18) Your company is using EC2 instances to host a website. Currently you’re running at least one EC2 instance 100% of the time. What pricing model could you choose to help reduce costs?

Answer :Reserved instances

19) As an architect it is your job to design for fault tolerance and high availability. Which core service(s) can you use when designing these application architectures?

Amazon EC2, Auto-Scaling

20) It is best practice to always use roles when possible instead of API access keys.

Answer: True

21) You’ve been tasked with building a scalable solution on the AWS cloud. What component(s) make up a proper scalable solution?

A scalable application will be resilient and operationally efficient., A scalable solution will decrease in cost as scale increases.

22) Your company is currently using Memcached in order to handle in-memory caching for your RDS servers. When migrating to AWS, which solution could you implement in order to maintain the caching engine and compatibility?

Build an ElastiCache Cluster

23) You not only host the DNS for a domain, but you can also register domains on AWS using Route 53.


24) What is the minimum size of an EBS volume?


25) API credentials should never be stored on an AMI.


26) Which of the following is true about Amazon Reduced Redundancy Storage?

RRS should be used only with data that is easily reproducible. , RRS has 99.99% durability., RRS has 99.99% availability.

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