AWS Certified Solutions Archietect Questions – 1

1) A properly designed, highly available fault tolerant application will almost always be built across multiple availability zones.

Answer: True

2) You are consulting for a company that is considering a migration to the AWS cloud. However, their current data centers house over 5TB of data and they are concerned about potential downtime and the amount of time it will take to migrate the data from their small 50mbit broadband connection to the AWS cloud. What service would you use when designing a solution for this company?
Answer: Use Amazon Import/Export
3) Availability zones within a region have a direct-connection between each other which minimizes latency and allows for the ability to architect applications with high availability and fault tolerance.

Answer: True
4) Your company is looking at moving its web servers onto AWS. However, they are concerned about costs. Which solution below best describes how AWS can be used to scale out and manage costs effectively for your company?


Implement an elastic solution that can scale based off of increase in demand and decrease the application environment when demand decreases.
5) Which of the following is true about EBS volumes?

EBS volumes cannot be attached to EC2 instances in another availability zone.
6) An availability zone is made up of multiple regions.
Answer: False
7) Your company is exploring different methods to implement a disaster recovery and backup strategy to an off-site data center. After exploring several cloud options, your company has asked you to consider building the solution using Amazon Web Services. What service(s) might you consider using to implement this solution if you are solely looking at data files and file server backups?

Amazon S3, Amazon Import/Export, Amazon Storage Gateway

8) Your company is low on disk storage space and is looking for a cost effective solution that also has a built-in backup and archiving capability. Which solution would you choose?

Use AWS Storage Gateway with Gateway-Cached Volumes

9) You’ve been tasked with building an infrastructure that can easily be spun up and replicated in another region in a matter of minutes. Which AWS service can you use to build out a version controlled infrastructure that is easily reproduced?

Amazon CloudFormation With Templates

10) An edge location is another term for a region.

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