How To Change new Twitter Header

What is the new Twitter Header Dimensions and how do I change?

Recommended Twitter Header Dimensions
Twitter’s recommended dimensions for header photo is 1252px in width x 626px in height OR 1500px in width × 500px in height but it didn’t work well when I uploaded the header.

My twitter header dimension is : 1252 x 388

How To Change Twitter Header
How To Change Your Twitter Header

Go to Edit Profile.
Click the “Change Header” button, then click “Upload photo”.
Hit “Save Changes” button.


End results of new Twitter Header

New Twitter Header, How to change to custom header

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One thought on “How To Change new Twitter Header

  1. Whatever different sizes I try Twitter Chops the top off the image and puts its menu bar over the top part of our logo, I guess I’ll have to try some Padding above but it makes a very wide thin logo

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