How to install AWS Workspace client

1. Download the Client from:

2. Install AWS Client


Client Application Registration

The first time the user opens the client application, they need to enter the registration code included in
their invitation email. This is how the client application knows which Amazon WorkSpaces directory to
connect to. After the client application is registered, this step is skipped for subsequent logins. If the user
needs to register the application again for any reason, they can click the gear icon at the top of the client
sign in page, and select Register.


Client Sign In

After the client application is registered, the user is taken to the sign in page. Here, the user enters their
Amazon WorkSpaces username and the password


Quick Setup Details

When you run the Amazon WorkSpaces quick setup procedure, Amazon WorkSpaces performs the
following tasks on your behalf:

– Creates an IAM role to allow the Amazon WorkSpaces service to create elastic network interfaces and
list your Amazon WorkSpaces directories. This role has the name workspaces_DefaultRole.
–  Creates a virtual private cloud (VPC) under your account
– Sets up a directory within the VPC that is used to store user and WorkSpace information.
– Creates the specified user accounts and adds them to the directory.
– Creates the WorkSpace instances
– Sends invitation emails to the specified users.

For more information view
Amazon WorkSpaces Administration Guide

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