AWS Simple Icons for Architecture Diagrams

A diagram is worth a thousand words. Architecture diagrams are a great way to communicate about your design, deployment and topology. Here you will find official collection of AWS icons, tools and resources that will help you build great AWS Architecture diagrams.

AWS Simple Icons

AWS Simple Icons are an official icon set that includes icons for several AWS products and resources. Customers and partners are permitted by AWS to use them to create architecture diagrams. The icons are designed to be simple so that you can easily incorporate them in your diagrams and put them in your whitepapers, presentations, datasheets, posters or any technical material you like.


Microsoft PowerPoint Format
AWS Simple Icons for PowerPoint (PPTX )


Microsoft Visio Stencil
AWS Simple Icons for Microsoft Visio 2010 (VSS )


SVG and EPS Format
AWS Simple Icons in SVG and EPS (ZIP )



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