SharePoint 2013 Search – Updating the Refinement Panel


Modify the Search Schema (Add Managed Property and Map to Crawled Property)

In order to start, we must modify the Search Schema in order to add a managed property.  It’s now possible to update the search schema within the context of a Site Collection but this blog will be focused on how to do this at the Search Service Application Level so that it will be pushed down to all Web Applications consuming from it.  So again, these steps will walk you through adding company to the refinement panel.  The first steps are to Create a Managed Property and Map it to the Company crawled property.

Steps are the following:

1. Access Central Administrator and Under Application Management select Manage service applications

2. Select the Search Service Application, and hit the Manage button from the Ribbon

3. Next, Select Search Schema link on the left under Queries and Results section


4. Ensure you select the Managed Properties Link and in the Managed Property field, type orgnames and hit enter


5. Select the drop down next to OrgNames and choose Edit/Map Property


6. Scroll down and under Alias, replace Company with “NotUsedCompany” and scroll down and hit OK


7. Hitting OK should bring you back to the Search Schema Page and click on the New Managed Property link

8. For the Name I typed CustomCompany and dropped a description in and the is specified as Text


9.     At a minimum check the following options:  (Queryable, Refinable (yes))

10.   Optionally, I also checked Allow Multiple Values and Sortable


11. Scrolling down I now entered Company as the Alias and also left Token Normalization checked


12. Now, the most important part is add a mapping to a crawled property so in this case I click on “Add a Mapping”


13.  Within Crawled property selection choose All categories and type company and hit Find


14. Select Company and hit OK and it should now look like:


15.  Scroll down leaving the remaining options as default and click OK

16. This takes you back tot he Search Schema so enter customcompany in the Managed Property field and ensure it looks like this:


17.  Now perform a full crawl on your desired content source by clicking on the Content Sources link on the left


18.  Now hit the pull down next to the desired content source and choose Full Crawl

19. After completion move to the next steps

Modify the Search Results page and update the the Refinement Web Part

After the full crawl has completed, The final step is to update the refinement web part on the Search Results page for a Search Site.  The steps are the following:

1. Access your Search Site and perform a simple search to get to the results.aspx page.

Note: Notice my results have the standard refinement options like Result Type, Author, and Modified Date


2. Next hit the gear on the top right of the page and select Edit Page


3. On the left, hit the pull down next to the Refinement web part and click “Edit Web Part”


4.  The Properties for the Refinement web part will be on the right so select the Choose Refiners… button:


5.  On the list of Available refiners on the left, choose the CustomCompany and click Add.   Under Configuration For: Custom Company window, update the Display Name to Company.  It should look like this:


Note:  On the right, I hit Move Up to place CustomCompany above Last Modified Time

6. Hit OK and that should take you back to the Search Results page where you can perform additional Edits.  Hit OK to the Refinement web Part properties dialog on the right


7. Check In your changes by hitting the Check In button from the Ribbon and finally Publish

8.  Now perform a search query and validate Company is now available in the refinement panel


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