SharePoint 2010/2013 Web Performance and Load Testing

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  1. Create a new web performance and load test project. On the Visual Studio Ultimate menu, chooseFile, New, and then Project. Expand either Visual C# or Visual Basic and choose Test. Choose Web Performance and Load Test Project and choose OK.
  2. The Web Performance Test Editor displays with a blank test. To record the test, choose the Add Recording button.

    Add recording

  3. A new blank web browser window appears with the web test recorder panel on the left side. Enter the name of your SharePoint site in the browser address bar. Visual Studio Ultimate will record and list the URLs in the web test recorder panel.

    Web Performance Test Recorder

  4. Perform the following steps to navigate to the SharePoint sub site SampleSite and add a new item to the site task list:
    1. Choose SampleSite from the top of the SharePoint site.

      Choose SampleSite

    2. From the menu on the left side, choose Tasks.

      Choose Tasks

      The SampleSite > Task: All Tasks page appears.

    3. To add a new task to the list, choose the Add new Item link.

      Add new item

      The Tasks – New Item dialog box appears. The only required field is Title and the value entered does not matter. Complete the information on the dialog box and choose Save.

      Create new task item

    4. The web browser returns to the SampleSite > Tasks: All Tasks, which now lists the new task added in the previous step.

      New task added

    5. To end the recording, choose Stop on the Web Test Recorder panel.

      The Dynamic Parameter detection dialog box appears. It indicates detection progress. This should only take a short while to complete.

      Dyanmic parameter detection

      Visual Studio Ultimate will return you to the Web Performance Test Editor where your newly created web performance test is displayed.

      Web Performance Test Editor

  5. To confirm that the test is running correctly, first browse the SharePoint site to view the existing list items:


  6. Return to Visual Studio Ultimate and choose the Run test button on the Web Performance Test Editor. Your test runs, performing your recorded actions to add a new item to the task list in SharePoint.

    Run web performance test

  7. Choose refresh on the browser window with your SharePoint site and you should now see a new task item added to the list.

    Read More: Web Performance and Load Testing SharePoint 2010 and 2013 

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