Running Cloudera Hadoop under Windows

Environment : Windows 7 – 64bit and Virtual Box

VM Image : CDH4 Packages for Virtual Box

 CDH4 Packages for Virtual Box

1. Create a new Virtual Machine

Create new Cloudera Hadoop virtual machine

2. Enter a name for New Virtual Machine and Select the type of the quest operating system you plan to install into the virtual machine



3. Select the amount of base memory (RAM)

Setting up Cloudera Hadoop in Windows

4. Select “ Use existing hard disk” and navigate to the folder where you downloaded Cloudera-demo-vm. 
If you don’t have demo VM, download it from here: CDH4 Packages for Virtual Box

Running Cloudera Hadoop in Windows 7

5. Your going to create a new virtual Cloudera Hadoop in Windows 7 operating system


6. Now turn on Cloudera Hadoop in Windows and run the demo



7. Starting Cloudera Hadoop in Windows virtual machine


8. Cloudera Hadoop demo is now ready in Windows


Running the VM

Once you launch the VM, you are automatically logged in as the cloudera user.
The account details are:

  • username: cloudera
  • password: cloudera

The cloudera account has sudo privileges in the VM.

To learn more about Hadoop, see the Hadoop Tutorial.

You can access status through the browser at the following URLs:

  • NameNode status (localhost:50070)
  • JobTracker status (localhost:50030)
  • The Hue user interface (localhost:8888)
  • The HBase web UI (localhost:60010)



Enjoy your Cloudera Hadoop demo in Windows

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