Install SharePoint 2013 in Virtual Machine

How to install and configure SharePoint 2013 in virtual environment using VirtualBox?
In this post you will find all the steps need to build SharePoint 2013 virtual environment in Windows 2012 server with SQL 2012

My Environment:

RAM: 12 GB
Disk: 200GB
Desktop: Core i5
Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit

1.  Download Virtualbox and create a virtual machine.

2. My settings for SharePoint 2013 Development Environment contain (Windows 2012 Server, SQL 2012 Server and SharePoint 2013)



3. Install Windows 2012 in the new Virtual Machine. You can download Windows 2012 Release Candidate from :

Download Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate (RC)


4. Once you install Windows 2012 Release Candidate, setup Active Directory, DNS and setup all the accounts you needed for SharePoint Installation.
See my other post about how to install and configure Active Directory

Install and Configure Active Directory in Windows 2012 Release Candidate
Create new users accounts in Active Directory in Windows 2012 Release Candidate

You need following accounts for SharePoint Installation:

Account Purpose Requirements
SQL Server service account


The SQL Server service account is used to run SQL Server. It is the service account for the following SQL Server services:



If you do not use the default SQL Server instance, in the Windows Services console, these services will be shown as the following:



Use either a Local System account or a domain user account.

If you plan to back up to or restore from an external resource, permissions to the external resource must be granted to the appropriate account. If you use a domain user account for the SQL Server service account, grant permissions to that domain user account. However, if you use the Network Service or the Local System account, grant permissions to the external resource to the machine account (<domain_name>\<SQL_hostname>).

The instance name is arbitrary and was created when SQL Server was installed.

Setup user account


The Setup user account is used to run the following:


SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard


Make setup account as local administrator group

Domain user account.

Member of the Administrators group on each server on which Setup is run.

SQL Server login on the computer that runs SQL Server.

Member of the Server admin SQL Server security role:

If you run Windows PowerShell cmdlets that affect a database, this account must be a member of the db_owner fixed database role for the database.

Server farm account or database access account


The server farm account is used to perform the following tasks:

Configure and manage the server farm.

Act as the application pool identity for the SharePoint Central Administration Web site.

Run the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service.

Domain user account.

Additional permissions are automatically granted for the server farm account on Web servers and application servers that are joined to a server farm.

The server farm account is automatically added as a SQL Server login on the computer that runs SQL Server. The account is added to the following SQL Server security roles:

dbcreator fixed server role

securityadmin fixed server role

db_owner fixed database role for all SharePoint databases in the server farm

5. Install and Configure SQL Server 2012 . You can download SQL Server 2012 :
Please view my other post about how to install and configure SQL Server 2012 in Windows 2012:

6. Create SharePoint Setup, Farm accounts in SQL Server and assign permissions
Click on Windows Key in your keyboard and this is what you will see


Right click your mouse anywhere in the window and you will see All apps icon.  Click there to see SQL Management Studio


7. Open SQL management studio and create SharePoint Installation Accounts (sp_setup, sp_farm)





8. Once you create both accounts, logoff ( I used Admin account to create SQL accounts for SharePoint. Now I want to login back as sp_setup to install SharePoint)


In Windows 2012, click on the left arrow


Click on other user


Now login as sp_setup to start the SharePoint 2013 installation

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  1. Hello when trying to login as sp_setup I get the annoying:

    “the sign-in method you’re trying to use isn’t allowed…”

    Any ideas?!

    regards T

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