What’s new in SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint 15

SharePoint App Market Place

SharePoint Apps will support multi-tenancy. It appears that Apps will support both sandboxed and farm solutions.

Work Management Services

Work management services handle tasks assigned to users. From my cursory understanding at this point work management services provide extended capabilities for managing, creating, reordering, deleting, and creating tasks, as well as synchronizing tasks with other platforms (at least Exchange is documented).

Content Management Service

The Publishing service lives on – now under the Content Management service, along with features such as managed metadata, document transformations, and the aforementioned eDiscovery.

Minimal Download Framework

Briefly what the MDS does is that it allows users to load only what changes between pages. This drastically reduces page load time and speeds up responsiveness for the entire application.

Javascript Rendering of Forms

New here is the addition of a JSLink attribute on SharePoint 2013 forms. According to the documentation, the JSLink attribute specifies the script used in rendering the form. JSLink may prove to be an easier way to add scripts to a form rather than having to resort to jQuery making client side customizations easier

SharePoint Education

SharePoint Education aims at satisfying educational institutions’ needs for a collaborative and educational environment. It seems to target the needs of both faculty and students, and supports features such as:

  • academic documents, likely books, articles, and so on
  • communities, a new grouping mechanism, ‘parent’ of courses
  • courses, a collection of academic documents, assignments, and lessons
  • assignments, including assigning assignments to individual students
  • events, possibly real-time lectures and assignment deadlines
  • meetings, including recording of online meetings and meeting schedules
  • grades, numeric or non-numeric (letter)
  • quizzes

Source: http://www.bibamusmoriendumest.com/?p=33

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