Rename SharePoint 2010 Central Admin database

How to rename SharePoint 2010 Central Admin Database GUID (Globally Unique Identifier)?
Is there a easy way to rename the Central Administration Content Database?


In this post you can find all the steps you needed to rename SharePoint 2010 Central Admin database with GUID to a friendly name

1. Login into SQL Server using Management Studio
2. Right click on the SharePoint 2010 Central Admin Database with GUID | Click on Rename

rename sharepoint 2010 central admin db

3. Copy the database name and past it into a notepad. Click anywhere outside of the database  to exit edit mode without changing the name

copy sharepoint 2010 central admin db name with guid


4. Right click on SharePoint 2010 AdminContent database which you want to rename and take a backup


5. Now restore your database with new friendly name. Call it SharePoint_AdminContent_DB



Now I have SharePoint AdminContent database with out GUID


6. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration | Application Management | Manage Content Database

Manage Content Database SharePoint 2010

7. Use this page to manage content databases for this web application. Click a content database name to change its properties.
Click on the database  to manage it’s settings

manage content databases SP2010

8. Specify database connection settings for this content database. Use the Database status options to control whether or not new Site Collections can be created in the database. When the database status is set to Ready, the database is available for hosting new Site Collections. When the database status is set to Offline, no new Site Collections can be created.

Click on the dropdown and make it OFFLINE

content database status offline in SharePoint 2010

9.  Do not remove the database, just click OK to make it OFFLINE



10. Open command prompt and run the stsadm command
cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web server extensions\14\BIN\

chaning central admin db name using stsadm

11. Delete the original database which contain GUID by running this command.

stsadm -o deletecontentdb -url http://CentralAdminURL -databasename SharePoint_AdminContent_<GUID> –databaseserver YourSqlServer

sample Script:
stsadm -o deletecontentdb -url
http://mysp:2012 -databasename SharePoint_AdminContent_02de613c-ae5b-4617-9d88-0b53a3f6610f -databaseserver mysp

removed guid database for Sharepoint central admin


12. Now add the new Admin Content database with out the GUID using the following command

stsadm -o addcontentdb -url http:// CentralAdminURL:portnumber -databasename SharePoint_AdminContent_DB -databaseserver YourSQLServer

sample Script:
stsadm -o addcontentdb -url

http://mysp:2012 -databasename SharePoint_AdminContent_DB -databaseserver mysp

New Admin Content Database is added to with out GUID

sharepoint 2010 central admin guid removed


13. Let’s open SharePoint 2010 central administration and see what happens. Looks like SharePoint 2010 central administration is running from a new database


14. Now I am going to delete SharePoint 2010 Central Administration database with the GUID name

delete SharePoint AdminContent Database

15. One last time I am going to access central administration to make sure all are fine. Yes, it’s working now from the new database


If you follow above steps you can  rename SharePoint 2010 Central Admin Database GUID (Globally Unique Identifier

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