How to configure SharePoint 2010 Best Bets search

Setting up SharePoint 2010 best bets search

SharePoint 2010 search allows you to  allows you add  selected content at the top of search queries for certain keywords and this is called SharePoint Search Best Bets  
This is blog I am going provide all the steps you need to setup best bet search in SharePoint 2010


1. Site Actions | Site Settings | Search Keywords below Site Collection Administration

Setting up SharePoint best bet search


2. Add new Keywords

Adding new keywords in SharePoint 2010 search

3. Keyword Information
The Keyword Phrase is what search queries will match to return a keyword result
Synonyms are words that users might type when searching for the keyword. Separate them using semicolons.

adding keyword phrase and synonyms in sharepoint

Best Bets
Best Bets
are the recommended results for this keyword. Best Bets will appear in search results in the order listed.

Click on Add best bets and enter following information

adding best bet for sharepoint


Click OK for all open Windows and go to your search center and type in your Best Bet and search.
In my situations I created a folder called Books added four different books. I added this URL as Best Bet and when I perform search as my keywords “Books”
SharePoint 2010 displays my best bet URL on the top of the search page



Note: Make sure your Search Center is in the same site collection. If your search center is in different site collection your best bets result will not work

If you follow above steps, you can configure best bet search in SharePoint 2010

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3 thoughts on “How to configure SharePoint 2010 Best Bets search

  1. How to configure best bets created in one site collection to appear in search results for other Site Collections?

    I don’t want to create best bets for all my site collections manually

    1. Detail information on how you can setup for other site collection can be found at :

      Continue to define the Best Bets & Keywords under multiple site collections, but configure a PowerShell script that will periodically synchronize (copy/update/delete) all the Best Bets/Keywords/etc. between the two site collections. The PowerShell script will perform the task of syncing (copy/update/delete) all the Best Bets/Keywords/etc. between the two site collections.

      Information regarding how to create the scripts for importing and exporting the Keywords, Best Bets and more using a CSV file can be found at the below pages:

      Script to export –
      Script to import –

      Once the script performs the sync (copy/update/delete) of all the Best Bets/Keywords/etc between the two site collections, the Best Bets and Visual Best Bets will work on both site collections.

      1. The import script is to import into FAST search. Is there another script to import to another site collections in SharePoint 2010?

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