SharePoint 2010 Central Administration

Quick Launch

  • Central Administration
    • Application Management
    • System Settings
    • Monitoring
    • Backup and Restore
    • Security
    • Upgrade and Migration
    • General Application Settings
    • Configuration Wizards


SharePoint 2010 Central Administration


Manage site collections, web applications, content databases, and service applications

Application Management
  • Manage web applications
  • Create site collections
  • Manage service applications
  • Manage content databases

Track, report, and view the health and status of your SharePoint farm

  • Review problems and solutions
  • Check job status
  • View Web Analytics reports

Manage settings for users, policy, and global security

  • Manage the farm administrators group
  • Configure service accounts

Configure general application and feature settings

General Application Settings
  • Configure send to connections
  • Configure content deployment paths and jobs
  • Manage form templates

Manage servers, features, solutions, and farm-wide settings

System Settings
  • Manage servers in this farm
  • Manage services on server
  • Manage farm features
  • Configure alternate access mappings

Perform a backup or restore operation, or view history and status details

Backup and Restore
  • Perform a backup
  • Restore from a backup
  • Perform a site collection backup

Upgrade SharePoint, add licenses, enable Enterprise features, and more

Upgrade and Migration
  • Convert farm license type
  • Check product and patch installation status
  • Check upgrade status

Use wizards to help configure advanced scenarios

Configuration Wizards

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