Install and Configure RBS (Remote Blob Storage) for SharePoint

Where I can download Remote Blob Storage installation files for SharePoint 2010?
You can download rbs_x64.msi file from :

How do I install and configure RBS for SharePoint?

1. Download Remote Blob Storage from above link
2. Before you install Remote Blob storage, make sure SQL server 2008 enabled FILESTREAM. To enable FILESTREAM

Start | All Program | Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 | Configuration Tools | Configuration Manager
Click on SQL Server Services | SQL Server | Properties

Enable FILESTREAM for BLOB Storage

3.  Enable following services

Enable File stream for Transact-SQL Access
Enable File stream for file I/O streaming access
Allow remote clients to have streaming access to Filestream data

Enable Filestream for SharePoint BLOB storage

4. Open SQL Management Studio and performing following task

use WSS_Content If not exists
(select * from sys.symmetric_keys where name = N‘##MS_DatabaseMasterKey##’)
create master key encryption by password = N‘Pa$$word’


5. Next we need to enable FileStreamProvider

Filestream feature is disabled, how to enable

use WSS_Content if not exists

(select groupname from sysfilegroups where groupname=N‘RBSFilestreamProvider’)

alter database WSS_Content add filegroup RBSFilestreamProvider contains filestream

If you get error message saying “ FILESTREAM Feature is Disabled” run the following query

FILESTREAM Feature is Disabled

Configuration option 'filestream access level'

6.  Next run the following query.  This will create a folder in E called Blobdata. This can be different in your case

use WSS_content alter database WSS_Content add file

(name = RBSFilestreamFile, filename = ‘E:\blobdata’)

to filegroup RBSFilestreamProvider

Create RBS File Stream File Folder

8. Now let’s go and install RBS. Best practice would be to install using command prompt  but it won’t give you any steps about what’s going on.
I had problem using Command and I installed using the GUI.  If you want to install using command here are the steps

(open command prompt as administrator).
I placed RBS installation file at C:\RBS folder Navigate to RBS folder using your Command Prompt


9.  Enter the following code

msiexec /qn /lvx* rbs_install_log.txt /i RBS.msi TRUSTSERVERCERTIFICATE=true

Installing RBS Using Command Prompt

10. It won’t give you any indication about the installation. To see if its successfully installed Blob storage, just go to the folder and look for the log file

11. Installing RBS using GUI.  Double click on RB_X64.msi

12.  Welcome to the installation wizard for Remote Blob Storage wizard pops up. Setup helps you install, modify or remote remote Blob storage.

To continue, click Next

installation wizard for Remote Blob Storage

12. Install SQL Remote Blob storage : Licence Agreement

Install SQL Remote Blob storage : Licence Agreement

13. Install SQL Remote Blob Storage: Registration Information, the following information will personalize your blob installation


14.  Install SQL Remote Blob Storage : Feature Selection

Select the program features you would like to install and select the installation path where you want to install the program

Install SQL Remote Blob Storage : Feature Selection

15. Blob Storage Database Connection. You can test your connection against the database
which your setting blob storage by hitting test connection.

Blob Storage Database Connection

16. SQL Remote Blob Storage: Database Configuration

Enter information to configure RBS database settings

Blob Storage Database Configuration

17. Filestream Blob Store: Enter Filestream blob store configuration Information


18. Maintainer Task. Enter information to optionally schedule the maintainer task

During installation, the windows task scheduler window will apper. Use this to set scheduled task properties.

19. Remote Blob Storage Client Configuration

Remote Blob Storage Client Configuration

20.  Install Remote Blob Storage.  The program features you selected are being installed.

Please wait while the installation wizard installs remote blob storage. This may take several minutes.


21.To ensure that the installation was successful, open up the Content DB | tables

Ensure the blob installation in SharePoint

22. Now open your SharePoint 2010 Management Shell and enter the following scripts
$cdb = Get-SPContentDatabase –WebApplication http://vsp2010be
$rbss = $cdb.RemoteBlobStorageSettings
$rbss.Installed() – This should result in True. Else the next command will fail.



23. Now set the minimum threshold so that only files larger than a 1 MB will be placed in our blobdata fodler



24. Go head and upload a document which is larger than 1 MB.  This document should end up in the blobdata folder

I uploaded 8 GB of PDF file and it end up in the blobdata folder

Files moved to Blobdata Folder

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One thought on “Install and Configure RBS (Remote Blob Storage) for SharePoint

  1. Hi Aryan,

    I have followed your blog and configured the RBS using UI. All configuration has been done successfully. But i am getting error when i try to upload any file to the document library. This error happens only for the RBS attached web application.
    “The URL ‘Shared Documents/10.txt’ is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web. “

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