SharePoint 2010 Navigation, Flyouts menus

How to customize SharePoint 2010 navigation with many level of flyouts?
Setting up flyouts menus in SharePoint 2010 is very easy and here are the instructions how you can customize SharePoint 2010 top navigation with dropdown menus and flyouts

Here is my site setup:

Here is my Taxonomy   | Canada | Ontario | Toronto | North York |
When I move the mouse over to Canada, I want to see all the sub sites in flyouts menu

Before Modification:



Now I am going make some changes to the master page to have four level flyouts. 
Open your SharePoint site using SharePoint designer 2010 and edit your master page


By default the Maximum Dynamic Display Level is 1 and I am going to change to 4

Now search for “topNavigationDelegate” and change the values to “True”



and remove "StartingNodeUrl="sid:1002"

Save your master page and publish. Make sure your sub sites SharePoint Server Publishing features are actives

This should be your end result.


Published by Aryan Nava

Founder of "BlockchainMind", CTO for two Blockchain startup during 2018, Cloud/DevOps Consultant and Blockchain Trainer

16 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 Navigation, Flyouts menus

      1. Hi Aryan This a great post …though I have a face a problem like for anynomous user and and normal user the second lavel navigation get disappeared….but with admin id again this link is visible….is there any thing I need to do……????


      1. Hi, new to coding and all, so please be paitent with me! 🙂

        I followed your instructions above exactly, but I’m not seeing any changes. So i know i’m missing something.

        Where would I be able to put the fly out menus? For example, i want to put TeamSite >Chicago (drop down 1), Detroit (Drop down 2), Minneapolis (drop down 3), etc.)

        WHere would i enter Detroit, Min, and chicago? Thx for your help!!

  1. Hi Guys, if i don’t have subsites, still, i want to have multi level menus to view subfolders instead.

    can i do this?


  2. hi.
    I have the same question as Rabib, What if i dont want to implement the subsites. Can i still do it. How can we setup the Global Navigation in that case.


  3. hi aryan,
    thanks for this post.
    hey m started using the sharepoint foundation 2010 and m totally new on sharepoint. i dont have any subsite but i want to have drop down menu or multilevel menu to view other pages.
    is it possible and how???????????


  4. Hi there. I’m new to sharepoint and my boss needs drop down menus set up for certain catagories but not in the menu bar. How would I set up a drop down list inside the web page?

  5. Hi Aryan, how can I make just the last level items to not fly out?
    As per your example, if ‘North York’ had to appear under ‘Toronto’ as a list element instead of flying out as a new level?

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