Creating a DNS record at eNom Central for Office 365 SharePoint Online

Office 365 uses a DNS record that you create at eNom Central to confirm that you own the domain. Use the instructions below to create a TXT record (or, if you prefer, an MX record) for a domain that is registered at your registrar.

To add a TXT record to verify your domain in Office 365, do the following.

  1. Sign in to your account at

  2. In the header, under Domains, click My Domains.

  3. On the My Domain page, select the domain name that you’re verifying.


  4. In the Manage Domain drop-down list, choose Host Records.


  5. In the first empty row of the Edit Host Records section, in the Host Name box, type or paste the Alias or Hostname that you recorded in

  6. In the Record Type box, select TXT.

  7. In the Address box in the same row, type or paste your Destination or Points To Address that you recorded

  8. Click Save.


Verify your domain with Office 365

  • In Office 365, in the header, click Admin.

  • Under Management, click Domains.

  • In the Domains list, find the domain that you’re verifying, and then, in the Status column, click Pending verification.

  • On the Verify domain page, click Verify.


    If domain verification succeeds, a dialog box appears to let you know that your domain has been added to your account.

    If domain verification fails, then the changes that you made at the domain registrar might need more time to propagate. Cancel the verification in Office 365, and return later to try domain verification again.


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