Installing Language Packs for SharePoint 2010

How do I install a new language package for SharePoint 2010 and what is the benefits?
Installing language packs make it possible to create sites in multiple languages with in a single SharePoint farm with out creating multiple different sites for each language.

In this blog, I am going to install French language package for SharePoint 2010 .

Step by Step instruction to install and configure language pack for SharePoint 2010.

1. To install language package for SharePoint 2010, we need to go to : Server Language Packs for SharePoint Server 2010 and download the language package which you want to install for SharePoint 2010. In this example, I am downloading French Language Package.



2. Once you finish downloading the language package, perform the following actions

3. Run the setup executable file


4. Review the software license terms, select the I Accept The Terms Of This Agreement check box, and click Continue.



5. SharePoint language pack installation completed and it wants to run SharePoint configuration wizard


6. Run the SharePoint configuration wizard to complete the Language Package installation in SharePoint 2010


7. Once the configuration is completed, navigate Central Administration -> Upgrade and Migration –>
Check product and patch installation status. 


Looks like Language Pack for SharePoint is installed


8. Now Open the SharePoint site -> Site Settings -> Site Administration -> Language Settings.

Language Setting for SharePoint 2010



Now I have option to select alternate language to French.

Alternate language(s)
Specify the alternate language(s) that this site will support. Users navigating to this site will be able to change the display language of the site to any one of these languages.


Select to French and click Ok. Now click on Your account settings and you will see a option for French

Selecting Display Language to French in SharePoint

If you select to French, you site will be converted to French



The other options is you create a new Web Application as French Site


As you can see, installing language packs make it possible to create sites in multiple languages with in a single SharePoint farm
with out creating multiple different sites for each language.

Published by Aryan Nava

Founder of "BlockchainMind", CTO for two Blockchain startup during 2018, Cloud/DevOps Consultant and Blockchain Trainer

3 thoughts on “Installing Language Packs for SharePoint 2010

  1. If I am installing on SharePoint Server 2010, do I need to install the Foundation 2010 language pack first, or do I only install the SharePoint Server 2010 Language Pack?

  2. Hi Aryan,

    Very useful post. Thanks. I have installed the language packs for my sharepoint site, but I wanted to ask if I can make one site in different languages. For example how can I make the home page in three different languages. I’m asking this because I see the possibility to create a site in one language, for example for three languages u have possibility to make three sites. How can I make it look like one but woth three different languages?

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