Uninstall or Removing Active Directory from Windows 2008 server

I want to remove Active Directory from Windows 2008 R2 Server.
How do I uninstall Active directory in Windows 2008 server?
To uninstall Active Directory, go to run and type in dcpromo


You will get Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard.  This computer is already an Active Directory domain controller. You can use this wizard to uninstall active Directory Domain Services on this server.


Delete the domain.
The domain will no longer exist after you uninstall Active Directory Domain Services from the last domain controller n the domain. Before you continue be aware that all users and computer accounts will be deleted.


Application Directory Partitions
Applications create these directory partitions to store and replicate data



Confirm Deletion
Removing Active Directory Domain Services will delete all application partitions from this active directory domain controller.
Confirm that you want the wiard to delete all applicaiton directory partitions on this active directory domain controller. The partitions will be deleted when the wizard completed.


Removing DNS Delegation
This server is also a DNS server and contains Active Directory integrated zones.  These zones will be deleted during the removal of Active Directory Domain Services on this server.
Confirm that you want the wizard to delete the DNS delegations pointing to this server.







Remove Active Directory Domain Services from this computer.

You have indicated that this Active Directory domain controller is the last domain controller in the domain "vwin2008.com".

When the process is complete, this domain will no longer exist.

All application directory partitions on this Active Directory domain controller will be removed.

This domain controller holds the last replica of one or more application directory partitions. When the removal operation is complete, those partitions will no longer exist.

Remove DNS Delegation: Yes


This wizard is configuring Active Directory Domain Services. This process can take from a few minutes to several hours, depending on your environment and the options that you selected.



Restart your computer to complete active directory uninstallation process from Windows 2008 Server. 

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