How to enable remote desktop for windows 2008 server machine in a workgroup?

Connecting Windows 2008 Server machine from remote computer using Remote Desktop Connection can be established by enabling Remote Desktop connection
from the server computer.

Step by step instruction to setup remote desktop for Windows Server 2008.

1. right-click on my computer and select properties



2. Click on Remote Settings in System Window


3. On the remote tab, select either allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop or
Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication

You will get Remote Desktop Firewall exception window and click Ok to continue


4. Add a users to connect to this computer


5.  In this case, I am adding local administrator to connect using Remote Desktop connection to Windows 2008 server. Once you added the users click OK for all the open windows.


6. Open your Remote Desktop connection from your client computer, either Windows 7, XP, Vista or any other computer.  Click on options


7. Since this computer is not connected to any domain and you have to enter computer name and for the user name it would be computerName\UserName


8. You can save the settings and click Connect to Windows Server using Remote Desktop Connection.
You may get Security certificate message if your using Windows 7 or older version. Click yes to connect to remote computer without verifying certificate


9.  Once you click yes and, remote desktop connection will be connected Windows 2008 server  machine in a workgroup or in domain.

Published by Aryan Nava

Founder of "BlockchainMind", CTO for two Blockchain startup during 2018, Cloud/DevOps Consultant and Blockchain Trainer

4 thoughts on “How to enable remote desktop for windows 2008 server machine in a workgroup?

  1. Thank you for posting this. I think this is only good for computers connected in a workgroup. How about when i connect remotely from another workgroup, say connect computer from home to server at work?

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