InfoPath 2010 Advanced Form Options

When you publish InfoPath 2010 form to SharePoint 2010 to open in a web browser  Web browser the following options will be applied

Show InfoPath commands in Ribbon or toolbar

Show the following commands

– submit
– save
– save us
– close
– views
– print preview

How to disable or remove save and save us InfoPath 2010 Form features after publishing to SharePoint 2010?

InfoPath Advanced Form Options

Open InfoPath Designer 2010 and go to Click on File | Advanced Form Options:

InfoPath 2010 Advanced Form Options

In Advanced Form Options, you can disable any features you want and publish the form to SharePoint

InfoPath 2010 Form Options

Published form without save and save us features in InfoPath 2010

InfoPath 2010 Form Options - Removed

Published by Aryan Nava

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12 thoughts on “InfoPath 2010 Advanced Form Options

  1. Hi there,
    I Do not see “Advanced Form option ” as Info option. Am I missing some configuration on Infopath cleint Or should I get a advanced version of infopath celint?

    Any help will be appretiated,


  2. Pingback: Nilesh Rathod
    1. Hi vigneshwaran,

      Not sure why your not able to see the advanced options. I am the administrator of SharePoint 2010 environment and not sure if the access level preventing you from not seeing Advanced options in InfoPath 2010. Do you have full access to SharePoint?

      I will try using a different account and see what happens. If you find a solutions please me know.

      1. The advanced form option ribbon shows up only in infopath forms not when you customize custom list. Please let me know if thats the case

  3. Hi Aryan – I am trying to populate loggedin user name in people picker filed by binding already existing createdby filed but not working can you help me with this.

  4. i have two views in form i want to show admin view only to administrator. how i restrict form fields according to permission level.

    thanks in advance

  5. does anyone have the issue where it ignores the “show toolbar at the bottom of the form”. It will only put the toolbar at the top?

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