How to delete a document library in SharePoint 2010

How to delete document library or any other library in SharePoint 2010?  Deleting a library in SharePoint 2010 is different than SharePoint 2007.
To delete library in SharePoint 2010 we need to go to Library Tools | Library | Library Settings |

1. Go to your SharePoint 2010 library which you want to delete

2. Click on Library Tools | Library | Library Setting |

Deleting Document Library in SharePoint 2010

3. In Library Settings | under Permissions and Management | Click on Delete this library
In this case, I am deleting a form library which I created.


Delete SharePoint Library


4. When you click on Delete library you get a message saying “ This document library will be removed and all its files will be deleted. Are you sure you want to send this document library to the site recycle bin?

Click Ok to deleted SharePoint 2010 Library

This document library will be removed in SharePoint 2010

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