SharePoint 2010 Custom Sub Level Navigation

How to add a Sub Level custom Navigation to SharePoint 2010 Global Navigation?

I was able to follow instructions from : and create custom SharePoint 2010 sub level navigation.

This is what I have done to create new Sub Level Navigation in SharePoint 2010

1. Go to and click on download file link

2. Open your SharePoint 2010 site using SharePoint Designer 2010

3. Create a new master page and past the code which you just copied from the link.  In my case, I am calling my master page as custom_2.master

4. Check in and publish the master page

Approve Master Pages in SharePoint 2010

5. Click on the drop down and select Approve/Reject

Approve/Reject Master Page

6. Approval Status


7. In your SharePoint site, Site Actions | Site Settings | under look and feel select Master Page.  Make sure your new master page is selected and click ok

Selecting Master Page in SharePoint 2010 

8. Now go back to your top level site and create some sub sites.  If you don’t

see the navigation this way.  Go to Step 9

Custom SharePoint 2010 Sub Level Navigation

9.  Site Actions | Site Settings | Navigation (Under Look and Feel) and check Show sub sites

Show Custom SharePoint 2010 SubSites

10. By changing the color of the CSS, you can create different SharePoint 2010 Sub Site navigation

Sub Level Navigation SharePoint 2010 colors

Sample Custom Sub Level Navigation in SharePoint 2010

Custom Sub Level Navigation in SharePoint 2010 - 1 Custom Sub Level Navigation in SharePoint 2010 - 2

Custom Sub Level Navigation in SharePoint 2010 - 3


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2 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 Custom Sub Level Navigation

  1. I tried it and it works well. However the order of sub site tab doesn’t change when it is sorted manually in Site Navigation settings. Can it be done? Thanks.

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