SharePoint 2010 MySite Portal Home Link

How do I add Portal Home Link in my SharePoint 2010 MySite?

By default when user create a MySite in SharePoint 2010, they won’t see any link to your Portal home page.  In order to add Portal Link in everyone MySite in SharePoint 2010 or any other important link, this is what you have to do…

1. Go to Central Administration –> Manage Service Applications

Adding Portal Home Link in SharePoint 2010 MySite: Step 1

2.  User Profile Service Application –>

Adding Portal Home Link in SharePoint 2010 MySite: Step 2


3. In the Manage Profile Service page, go to “Configure Personalization Site”

Adding Portal Home Link in SharePoint 2010 MySite: Step 3

4. under “My Site Settings”. Create a “New Link”

Use this list to add personalization site navigation links to the My Site left navigation. Links added here will show up as navigation links after “My Personal Content” on the navigation bar. Use audiences to specify if a link should only appear for a specific set of users.

Personalization site navigation links to the My Site SharePoint 2010

5. with the URL of the above site and scoped to a previously compiled Target Audience.

URL: Your Portal Site URL
Description:  I want to add a link in everyone SharePoint MySite called “Home”
Owner: SharePoint Admin or Power User
Target Audiences: I want to target to all the users (Domain users)

Adding Portal Link to MySite SharePoint 2010

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5 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 MySite Portal Home Link

    1. Excellent point. Above steps work if your site is for internal purpose. If you found a solution for your situation, please share with us.

  1. This hasn’t worked for me at all…
    The steps were all very easy and I completed them without issue. But no change has appeared on MySites…
    Would the fact that I’m using a custom master page be an issue here? Thanks.

  2. After completing the steps, Home was not appearing in my MySite header. Running the cmd prompt in Admin mode on the WFE and using ‘iisreset’ did the trick. Suggest that you do it during non-production hours as it will stop all SP functionality during the reset.

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