Replace standard Moodle 2.0 Icons


How to replace standard Moodle 2.0 Icons to something fancy.

Image locations within Moodle

Core images are used throughout Moodle and are stored in moodle/pix.

The pix directory contains the following subdirectories:

a – Icons that are not widely used
c – Calendar-related icons
f – File icons for different file types
g – Default user icons and thumbnails
i – General icons
m – Currency symbols
s – Smileys
t – General icons
u – User icons and thumbnails
y – YUI icons

1. I want to change General icons in Moodle 2.0 to something fancy.

To do this Go to moode/pix

Changing Moodle 2.0 General Icons

2. Open  i – General icons folder

General icons in Moodle 2.0

3. Now go to and copy download tango icons

4. Unzip the files and copy all the icons from i folder

5. Replace all the icons in your Moodle server with tango icons.  My new icons in i folder

Replace standard Moodle 2.0 Icons

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