SharePoint 2010 Library List

SharePoint 2010 Library List

Asset Library
A place to share, browse and manage rich media assets, like image, audio and video files

Data Connection Library
A Place where you can easily share files that contain information about external data connections

Document Library

A place for storing documents or other files that you want to share, Document libraries allow folders, versioning, and check out

Form Library

A Place to manage business forms like status reports purchase orders. Form libraries require a compatible XML editor, such as Microsoft InfoPath

Picture Library

A place to upload and share pictures

Report Library

A Place where you can easily create and manage web pages and documents to track metrics, goals and business intelligence information,

Slide Library

Create a slide library when you want to share slides from Microsoft PowerPoint, or a compatible application. Slide Libraries also provide special features for finding, managing, and reusing slides.

Wiki Page Library

An interconnected set of easily editable web pages, which can contain text, images and web parts.

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