Configure SharePoint 2010 Blob Storage


Configuring RBS for SharePoint – Step By Step Guide
by Chandima Kulathilake

Remote Blob Storage (RBS) is a capability of SQL server 2008 and 2008R2 that can be used to offload content stored in databases to the file system.

Our team has tested and verified the operation of the RBS FILESTREAM provider which is a free out-of-the-box provider shipped by Microsoft SQL RBS Team that allows a deployment to use a SQL Database (local or remote) as a dedicated Binary Large Object (BLOB) store. This provider utilizes the FILESTREAM as the BLOB storage mechanism and ties the two technologies together. We thought we will share our findings by way of making the following step by step guide available for download.

The guide covers the following three scenarios.

  • Setup and configure FILESTREAM and RBS for a new content database.
  • Configure RBS for an existing content database and site collection.
  • Disable RBS from a content database.

Download – Configuring Remote Blob Storage for SharePoint (PDF 1.7MB)


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