Upload Users to Moodle using CSV file format

  • Go to Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Upload users.
  • Click the help bubble beside the words "Upload users" and expand the pop-up window.

    Upload Users to Moodle 

    Make sure you have CSV files contain all the information which you want to upload.  If your not sure how to create CSV files, this is what you have to do.

    Open your MS Excel or any other spread sheet program. In this case, I am creating CSV files which contain User Name, Password, First Name, Last Name, Email address and My School (which is a custom filed which I created)

    Creating CSV file for Moodle

  • Once you filled all your information save this file as CSV

    Saving CSV file for Moodle User Upload


    Now browse and select your CSV file to upload all users to Moodle

    Published by Aryan Nava

    Founder of "BlockchainMind", CTO for two Blockchain startup during 2018, Cloud/DevOps Consultant and Blockchain Trainer

    2 thoughts on “Upload Users to Moodle using CSV file format

    1. I have 10 record in csv file. When uploading using your guide, just 1 record execute in my server, do you know why it’s happen? tq

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