CRC failed in 2010-7b\Virtual Hard Disk\2010-7b.vhd

I am in the process of setting up SharePoint 2010 for testing purpose and I download the 2010 Information Worker Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Machine (RTM) from


When try to extract the files I got “CRC failed in 2010-7b\Virtual Hard Disk\2010-7b.vhd” , I try to download the files again and again but still failed and not sure which files are corrupted.   After spending time searching for a solutions I found this.

To check SFV file i downloaded the

I download this tools and checked my folder where I am keeping the downloaded files, this is what I got.


SharePoint 2010 VHD SFV Checker

2010-7a.part15.rar is having some problem. I downloaded that file again and now I am able to extract the files and get the VHD.

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