Database cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)

Connect-SPConfigurationDatabase Connects the local server computer to a farm.
Disconnect-SPConfigurationDatabase Disconnects the local server computer from the farm.
Move-SPBlobStorageLocation Copies a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 database by using Remote BLOB Storage (RBS).
New-SPConfigurationDatabase Creates a new configuration database.
Remove-SPConfigurationDatabase Permanently removes a configuration database.
Dismount-SPContentDatabase Detaches a content database from the Web application it is currently associated with.
Get-SPContentDatabase Returns one or more content databases.
Mount-SPContentDatabase Attaches an existing content database to the farm.
New-SPContentDatabase Creates a new content database and attaches it to the specified Web application.
Remove-SPContentDatabase Deletes a content database.
Set-SPContentDatabase Sets global properties of a SharePoint content database.
Test-SPContentDatabase Tests a content database.
Get-SPDatabase Retrieves all properties of a database.

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