Steelhead Enhances Microsoft SharePoint Services

WAN Optimiation for SharePoint
WAN Optimiation for SharePoint using Riverbed technologies

Riverbed® significantly optimizes Microsoft SharePoint Services to deliver LAN-like performance for remote offices by utilizing the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS), which simultaneously addresses bandwidth constraints and the combined effects of latency and protocol inefficiencies. RiOS uses fine-grain data reduction and compression to perform data streamlining, typically reducing bandwidth utilization by 60 percent to 95 percent. Transport and application streamlining minimize protocol chattiness, eliminating 65 percent to 98 percent of packet round trips across the WAN. RiOS also utilizes specialized application streamlining for HTTP, SharePoint’s underlying protocol, which enables dramatic performance improvements for team productivity using a centralized instance of Microsoft SharePoint Services. With RiOS, distributed SharePoint servers and complex replication models are no longer necessary for accelerated performance at any office, anywhere in the world.

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